Cultural Research and Evidence Monitor

We monitor the latest research projects, policies and strategic thinking that underpin the development and delivery of public-funded cultural services and creative sector activities across the United Kingdom and further afield.

What's on offer?

Information Bulletin
FREE e-bulletin of local, national and international cultural and creative sector research, statistical data releases, policy papers, strategies and consultations, commentaries and forthcoming events [in development - Finding the Dots e-bulletin is no longer published and will be replaced in spring 2016]

Thematic Papers and Reports
Themed discussion papers and in-depth research reports on: 
- contemporary cultural policy issues e.g. increasing and widening arts participation, creative economy trends, role of cultural intermediaries
- infrastructure development opportunities e.g. local creative hubs, multi-purpose cultural facilities, business-university knowledge exchange
- case studies
- external National Lottery application assessments

Point of Contact
Advice and guidance on cultural and creative industries research projects

Why use our services?

The Cultural Research and Evidence Monitor will:

  • do the hard work of searching hundreds of websites and documents
  • identify research data and case studies for your reports, briefings, funding applications and presentations
  • provide professional synopses of contemporary policy issues
  • turn complex and technical data into user-friendly and concise information and interpretation
  • help you to build a broader and better understanding of a cultural policy landscape 
  • offer an independent and cost-effective research service